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The reviews are in for Chipotle’s queso — and they aren’t good. 

On Tuesday, Chipotle began serving queso at every location across the US. 

The chain debuted queso in its New York City test kitchen in July, and began serving queso at roughly 350 restaurants in California and Colorado in August.

When Business Insider tried the queso in July, we had some issues with the cheesy dip. The texture was off — too grainy, and not gooey enough. 

And, now that the dish has rolled out across the US, most customers seem to agree with our negative review. 

“If you are reading this, avoid the Queso, it is grainy and does not taste good,” one customer wrote on Chipotle’s Facebook page on Friday. “I’d rather have melted Velveeta.” 

Chipotle’s queso is actually a crime against cheese pic.twitter.com/TTnYmS3dPg

— amanda (@fabbrilous) September 15, 2017

It’s as if not a single person on Chipotle’s marketing team tasted this trash queso. It’s literally expired Velveeta…

— Derrick J (@djxturnitup) September 15, 2017

“I was so excited when I heard you were testing queso,” wrote another customer. “I was even more excited to hear all stores were selling the queso now. I am not excited to taste said questo. I love everything Chipotle, but this is a hard pass.” 

Hey @ChipotleTweets if you strive for fresh ingredients for customers then why is your queso this gross powdered crap? #chipotlequeso 👎🏼👎🏼

— eLstoko (@eLstoko86) September 14, 2017

If you haven’t tried Chipotle’s queso yet, here’s my two cents:

It’s pretty bland and not worth it.

— brea (@ShayeBreaz) September 15, 2017

“Very disappointed in the Queso,” wrote a third customer. “I have not met one person who liked it. Back to the drawing board?” 

chipotle queso is trash

— reg👻 (@reganlentt) September 15, 2017

Final verdict on Chipotle queso… pic.twitter.com/DirpmP01dc

— Pat Reynolds (@FratReynolds) September 15, 2017

Online, reactions have been overwhelmingly negative. Scrolling through dozens of tweets and Facebook comments, Business Insider only uncovered two positive reviews. 

@ChipotleTweets you’re lucky the #chipotlequeso is good because your mobile ordering still stinks 😡 pic.twitter.com/1jjkNCPKAz

— derik b (@proudfather19) September 15, 2017

It looks like Chipotle realizes it has a problem. 

While our queso may be different than other artificial-ingredient-infused cheese dips, we’re still tweaking things. -Tara

— Chipotle (@ChipotleTweets) September 15, 2017

“While our queso may be different than other artificial-ingredient-infused cheese dips, we’re still tweaking things,” the chain tweeted on Friday. 

Queso has long been one of Chipotle customers’ most-requested items.

For a long time, the chain said it was impossible to add queso to the menu while continuing to exclusively use all-natural ingredients. However, as the chain struggles to win back customers nearly two years after sales plummeted following an E. coli outbreak, the company made a major investment in the cheesy dip.

Now, Chipotle has to find a way to create an all-natural queso that customers actually want to eat. 

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