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Pantler knows what cheesecake fiends want, and how to do it just right. Which is why the classic cheesecake ($6.80/slice, $48/600g) is its bestseller. The cake’s golden brown top yields to fork, and crumbles like no cheesecake does – but in the best way possible, because you’re delivered a well-balanced, textural contrast of fluffy creaminess against a crunchy biscuit base, punctuated with a tinge of zesty sweetness that never gets cloying. Helmed by Matthias Phua and chef Tomoharu Morita, Pantler also specialises in breads and pastries. For a sturdier, denser cake, the Opera (from $30/400g) is a sticky treat that may sit better with the ‘Death by Chocolate’ fan club. Cake orders should be placed three days in advance, with complimentary delivery in the CBD for orders over $100, or $25 for all other orders and locations. 

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