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SINGAPORE -The Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) has configured its accounting system to automatically generate data on service and conservancy charges arrears, said its independent auditor KPMG.

It has also performed detailed user acceptance testing on the automatically extracted data, including reconciling the data with the accounts receivable sub-ledger, said KPMG in its monthly progress report released by AHTC on Saturday (Sept 16).

In doing so, AHTC has resolved one audit point relating to its management of service and conservancy charges arrears.

To date, the Workers’ Party-run town council has resolved 12 of 17 financial and governance problems flagged in past audits.

KPMG detailed the changes AHTC made to its replacement account system, noting that it has revised user access rights to the system. The town council now requires a system administrator to grant system access before a user can make changes to the system.

AHTC has also created an audit report for changes made to master data in the replacement

accounting system, said KPMG.

The auditor was appointed to look into AHTC’s books after the Auditor-General’s Office found significant governance lapses in a special audit.

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