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The glasses were jointly developed by computer scientists from four universities: KAIST University in South Korea, Scotland’s University of St. Andrews, Georgia Institute of Technology in the US, and Japan’s Keko University.

They detailed the device in a paper entitled ItchyNose: Discreet Gesture Interaction using EOG Sensors in Smart Eyewear. Basically instead of creating a sophisticated computerised wearable, instead a series of electrooculography sensors were fitted onto the nose pads and bridge of a pair of regular-looking glasses.

With the sensors attached, users could use a simple flick, rub or hold on their noses to remotely control devices. So you could tap your nose, say to open an app or simply flick it to close a notification. The only downside would be people wondering if you had a substance abuse problem.

It’s actually pretty ingenious in its simplicity, making simple innocuous gestures to control devices and not be too obvious doing it. That would be useful when in social situations, such as meetings, class or even the odd date.

The future it seems, lies in making tech as unobstrusive as possible, and in a world where people are becoming ever more glued to their phones, it doesn’t seem like a bad thing.



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