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Speedtest’s July ranking of mobile and fixed broadband speeds puts Singapore in 4th and 1st place respectively

Speedtest – you know, the tool that we’re so used to fire up to check our internet speeds whenever we signed up for a new mobile or home broadband plan – has now launched a Speedtest Global Index, which charts global mobile and fixed broadband speeds on a monthly basis.

The July 2017 results are already out, and Singapore is ranked fourth in the mobile category with an average download rate of 45.99Mbps and first in the fixed broadband category with 154.38Mbps. Since this is going to be a monthly updated table, you’ll be able to see how each country fares compared to the previous month. Ranked first in the mobile download speed category and the only one to break the 50Mbps barrier is Norway, by the way.

Additionally, you can click on the country’s name to see more details, such as upload speeds and a trend graph based on the past 12 months’ data. For what it’s worth, while our 17.5Mbps average upload speed seems to be on the low side, sub-20Mbps upstream rates are par for the course for the vast majority of the listed countries.

Finally, Speedtest says the rankings are based on the billions of consumer-initiated Speedtest tests taken all over the world; and to be ranked in each category, countries must have at least 670 unique user results for mobile and at least 3,333 for fixed broadband.

Singapore's mobile and fixed broadband speed trend in the last 12 months, according to Speedtest.

Source: Speedtest.

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