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SINGAPORE – The school term next year for primary and secondary schools will start on Jan 2 and end on Nov 16, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said on Monday (Aug 14).

The school year will start on a Tuesday as Monday (Jan 1) is a public holiday.

There will be four scheduled school holidays – the day after Youth Day (July 2), the day after National Day (Aug 10), Teacher’s Day (Aug 31) and Children’s Day (Oct 5).

For students starting their first year of junior college (JC) or Millennia Institute (MI), school will start on Feb 2 as the O-level results are released in mid-January.

Second-year JC and MI students begin school on Jan 8 (Monday).

As always, there will be four vacation periods for schools, JCs, and MI.

The school terms and holidays for 2018 can be viewed on the MOE website here.

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