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LG to unveil two variants of the V30 at the end of the month?

The LG V20.

For the first time ever, LG is said to be releasing two different variants of its flagship smartphone at the end of the month. 

Korean publication ETNews claims that LG is unveiling the V30 and V30 Plus on 31st August. Their specs will differ in the following aspects; the V30 will have 64GB internal storage space while the V30 Plus has double the storage space. Wireless charging and Hi-Fi audio playback will also be present in one of the two variants.

The V30 is expected to be priced at 800,000 KRW (~S$953) and the V30 Plus is likely to cost 1,000,000 KRW (~S$1,192). Both models will be available through the three South Korean telcos on 15th September, which is the same day as the retail availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The decision to release two different models of the flagship phone is seen as a strategic move to increase sales by offering more choices with varying specs at different price points for consumers. LG’s mobile business operated at a loss for the 9th consecutive quarter due to weak sales of the G6 phones and higher marketing costs. 

Source: ETNews

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