(Source: www.stuff.tv)

Look beyond the screen and the Mix still manages to keep up appearances. It might not use fancy ceramics, but DooGee’s mix of metal, glass and plastic doesn’t feel cheap. A glossy fingerprint magnet, sure, but not cheap – especially in the fetching blue colour seen here.

It feels suitably hefty at 193g, but comfortably sits in your hand thanks to the rounded frame. Doogee has squeezed an earpiece into the top edge, just below the screen, rather than mess about with vibrating ceramic plates – which were all too quiet on the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

There’s room underneath the display for a fingerprint reader, but it doesn’t double up as a home button – you have to switch to the onscreen keys once you’ve got past the lock screen. There’s a headphone jack up top – because Apple doesn’t get everything right, so there’s no point trying to copy them.

The only disappointment is the microUSB port at the bottom – it feels like cost-cutting, even on a phone as cheap as this. USB-C for the sequel, please!

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