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Pre-order roadmap for Galaxy Note 8 leaked

Image source: @evleaks

Samsung is officially unveiling the Galaxy Note 8 on 23rd August, but what happens in between the launch and the release of the phone? Korean publication ETNews managed to obtain a leaked pre-order roadmap of the device and here’s the breakdown: 

  • 25 – 31 August: Availability of the Galaxy Note 8 in stores for consumers to try
  • 1 – 10 September: Pre-order for the Galaxy Note 8
  • 11 – 14 September: Collection of device for customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 8
  • 15 September: Official availability of the Galaxy Note 8

It is important to note that the above roadmap applies only in South Korea, but it might also be applicable in Singapore since our country is part of the first wave of countries to get the Galaxy Note 8. As the first Galaxy Note device in two years, South Korean telcos are preparing for huge pre-order numbers. 

“We are going to be fully ready so that there aren’t any setbacks regarding Galaxy Note 8 sales.” said a representative for a mobile network provider. “It will be important to see how much of initial supplies mobile network providers can secure since they expect that there will be many early buyers of Galaxy Note 8s.”

Source: ETNews via PhoneArena

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