(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: A student who was caught on camera making a rude gesture with his finger during the live National Day Parade (NDP) broadcast on Wednesday (Aug 9) has been “counselled by the school and his parents”, said Henry Park Primary School (HPSS) principal Chia Soo Keng. 

Footage showed the boy in a red blazer looking straight into the camera while making the gesture behind his classmates.

“The student regrets his action and is deeply apologetic,” said Mr Chia in an email to Channel NewsAsia.

He added that the boy was counselled to ensure that he “learns from this incident”, which happened at the end of the parade.

The image went viral on social media with netizens expressing mixed feelings – some felt that the boy was behaving disrespectfully while others found humour in the incident.

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