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For gadget fans, smart scales are as irresistible as an extra slice of cake.

They give you something to point at when questions are asked about your flagging new year’s resolution. And, more importantly, you get a new toy to play with. Win-Win!

Nokia’s Body scales are extra-tempting for two reasons. They’re cheap, sitting £30 below Nokia’s mid-range option (the Body+) and £90 beneath the heart-rate tracking Body Cardio.

They also come with a warm glow of nostalgia, thanks to that logo on the front. Not that bathroom scales have quite the same retro caché as a 3310 – Nokia’s newfound love for measuring your weight has come from its recent gobbling up of French health maestro Withings.

The Body+ and Body Cardio are rebranded versions of Withings’ previous scales, but the Body is a new, budget option.

Is it a good one? That depends on how happy you are with measuring only your weight and BMI, and how patient you are with undercooked apps…

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