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Making Side Gigs, Double Careers & Job Pivots Work

The nature of work and employment is changing. More and more people are taking up “side hustles,” switching between jobs, even balancing multiple careers. Our expectations of work are being altered, for good and ill, by technology, globalization, culture, and policy. The results are both inspiring and worrisome: it’s never been easier to launch a side project, while at the same time, work has become precarious for many. We’ll discuss the benefits of multiple jobs, the risks, and ways to succeed.

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  1. How are work and employment changing, and how should you navigate this transformation?
  2. Should you be dedicating weekends to a “side hustle”? Planning your next career while still in your current one? Trying the latest gig work platform?
  3. What are the biggest risks — to your career, home life, and wellbeing — to working multiple jobs? How can you mitigate them?



Nicole Torres, Assoc Editor, Harvard Business Review

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