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HomePod’s firmware reveals functionality of virtual home button on the iPhone 8

More than a week ago, iOS developer  Steven-Troughton Smith was among the first iOS developers to uncover hidden features of the iPhone 8 in the HomePod’s firmware. Just two days ago, he managed to find clues on the functionality of the iPhone 8’s virtual home button. 

Troughton-Smith discovered that there could be a “periphery” area of the user interface that can expand, minimize, show and hide the virtual home button. There will also be tab bars that extend underneath this “periphery” area, and no evidence of any piece of the app interface being part of the space occupied by the virutal home button. What this means is that the virtual home button area will contrast well with any background and colors displayed on the rest of the display. 

The latest discovery corroborates KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s claim of a “function area” at the bottom of the display. In his Feb report, Kuo mentioned that the “function area” could house virtual buttons and other actions. 

Recent leaks have casted doubts on Apple’s ability to bring an on-screen fingerprint sensor to the iPhone 8. However, Apple is widely believed to replace the physical Touch ID button with the Face ID scanning technology. The latter is reportedly more secure, faster and can unlock the phone even if the device is laying flat on the table. 

Source: Steve Troughton-Smith (@stroughtonsmith) via MacRumors

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