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It’s been six years since the release of Marvel vs Capcom 3, and to switch things up it’s now a 2-on-2 fighting game, and there’s a lot of neat features for players new to the fighting game genre.

Promotion Producer Tomoaki Ayano and Assistant Producer Kansuke Sakurai (whose English was fantastic) from the Capcom development team talked us through the Auto combo and Easy Hyper Combo – just button-mash Square to perform sick combos that could even launch your opponent into the air, and when he’s down for the count, press Triangle and Circle together to launch your finishing move.

Then there’s the Infinity Stones – six of them are at your disposal to mess with your opponent. Each Stone can do one of two things. There’s Infinity Surge, which players can use anytime by pressing L1 – so if you pick the Time Stone you can do a quick dash. The second is the Infinity Storm, which activates by pressing L1 + R1 to unleash the Stone’s super power, like the Space Stone which traps your opponent into a box. There’s a lot of depth involved in picking the right stone with the right pair.

They also mentioned Marvel had a big role in selecting the characters for the new MvC iteration, which explains the introduction of Rocket Raccoon and Captain Marvel and the lack of old favourites like Cyclops and Wolverine (RIP Berserker Barrage).

The load times are still noticeable in the playable game on the floor, but it is extremely easy to pick up and play. Simply button-mashing alone looks as good as watching the pros on-screen, and these auto-assists can be turned off if you want a challenge.

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