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Note Information on institutional & retail investors weekly net buy/sell by GICS sector is according to the Fund Flow Weekly Tracker published by SGX. Market makers / liquidity providers (MMLP) fund flow, and year-to-date fund flow information are derived accordingly.

Refer to SGX Listed Companies By Industry Sector for listing of companies by GICS® Sector. Do note that S-REITs are grouped with Real Estate Sector.

Kindly feedback to us for any discrepancies in data.

Definition Total ST Market Flow = Institutional Flows + Retail Account Flow + MMLP Flow. Net buy/sell amount is derived by subtracting total sell amount from total buy amount.
Definition Fund flow data for all SGX-listed companies only. Fund flow data for market transactions only.
Definition Industry Sector classified according to Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®)

Refer to the Market Statistics published on SGX website for more information.

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