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As promised, Walt Disney and Lucasfilm delivered some The Last Jedi goodies during yesterday’s big D23 presentation. No, it wasn’t a new trailer or anything of that nature, but rather a behind-the-scenes clip similar to the one for The Force Awakens that premiered at the 2015 SDCC. That one stressed the use of practical locations and practical effects versus copious computer generated imagery, and it was amusingly spoofed by Universal as part of the marketing campaign for Sisters. This time around, the theme, aside from the overwhelming amount of red in both the video and the new character posters, the word of the day is  “different.”

John Boyega, Carrie Fisher and Gwendoline Christie (among others) get their two-cents in, and the overriding theme is that The Last Jedi will take the story in unexpected directions, with shocking plot turns and surprise narrative choices. And, after The Force Awakens that played (fairly or not) like a redo of A New Hope and Rogue One that slowly shifted into a conventional Star Wars movie, it’s up to Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi to offer hope that Disney’s Star Wars movies can do more than just cash in on 40-year old nostalgia.

Beyond that, the clip looks quite good. The music that plays over the last minute better be in the movie, Daisy Ridley is doing a striking Tom Cruise impression at 86 seconds and that cute creature at 127-seconds is going to sell a bazillion plush toys. I like these behind-the-scenes glimpses because they do offer footage and an idea of how the film will look and feel without giving away any actual story beats or plot points. It’s very much having your cake and eating it too.

And yeah, thanks to the overly familiar first two Star Wars movies and the behind-the-scenes melodrama over that Han Solo movie, The Last Jedi has slightly more pressure to do more than just make a gazillion dollars. From what we’ve seen so far, Johnsson and the gang seem up for the challenge.

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