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If you are an avid Instagram user who enjoys stalking the richest people in Singapore, chances are, you might have already seen some of them on your explore page.

Ever wondered how it’s like to be the rich and famous in Singapore? Yachts, luxurious cars, branded bags are what dominates their Instagram feed.

Just like us regular folks, they have their hobbies in which they enjoy. What sets us apart from them is that theirs cost way more than ours do. Whether it is jet-setting to exotic countries or collecting branded bags or shoes, these people have the means for such expensive hobbies.

It comes as no surprise that their monthly expenditure exceeds the allowance of a typical Singaporean millennial by multiple times.

Here’s a list of 5 rich Singaporeans and what they spend their money on:

#1 Kim Lim (@kimlimhl)


Who? Daughter of Peter Lim (11th richest person in Singapore)
Obsession: Colorful Chanel bags and Christian Louboutin shoes

A familiar face to the wealthy scene in Singapore, Kim Lim is often seen with international celebrities such as David Beckham and BigBang’s Seungri. Despite having access to different branded bags, Kim is a collector of the classic Chanel bag in bright colors.  Her extravagant lifestyle does not end here, she also owns over 200 pairs of shoes – two of which are customized Swarovski crystals studded Louboutin heels.

#2 Audrey Tay (@audreytayy)


Who? Daughter of Peter Tay, Executive Director of SUTL
Obsession: Cars

Receiving not just one but two swanky cars from her father, Audrey admits to having an unhealthy car obsession on the social media platform. At 18, her dad gifted her with a customized pink Bentley Continental GT for her birthday. 2 years later, she got a Porsche 911 Turbo for her 20th birthday. Although she did not disclose how much it costs, the price of a band new Porsche 911 costs around $800k in Singapore. Besides cars, she receives other lavish gifts from her parents such as luxury watches and handbags. Like the other people on this list, she owns a couple of the highly coveted Hermes handbags as well. She also revealed that she would turn to her mum for her purchases if her dad is not around.

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#3 Kane Lim (@kanel_k)

Who? Son of a Singaporean family with billion-dollar business.
Obsession: Shoes


After pursuing his fashion degree in California, Kane made his first million at a mere age of 20. The 27-year-old owns over 200 pairs of designer footwear with some of them costing over $8,000. Some of his favourite brands include Balmain and Christian Louboutin.

Starting his own line of jackets and handbags, Kane is one who successfully managed to turn his expensive hobby into a career.

Other than shoes, the fashionista also owns a wide collection luxury bags. Even singer Rihanna is one of his 69.5k followers on Instagram.

#4 Dhillon Lee (@dhillonxlee)


Who? son of a Singaporean multi-millionaire
Obsession: Cars and yacht adventures

Followers of Dhillon will be used to seeing a fleet of cars belonging to his family as well as his yacht adventures. In his posts, he is always seen doing different water sports, ranging from jet skiing to scuba diving or travelling around the world. At just 20, he has access to many top cars such as Ferrari and Lamborghinis, just to name a few.

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#5 Jamie Chua (@ec24m)


Who? Ex-wife of Indonesian multi-millionaire Nurdian Cuaca
Obsession: (Hermes) Bags

Despite being a mother of 2 teenagers, Jamie Chua’s extensive Hermes bag collection garners her 455k followers on Instagram, more than anyone else on this list. The former SIA girl owns over 200 Hermes bags, topping the list for the most number of Hermes Birkin bags in the world. This “Queen of Instagram” has most of her Instagram outfit shots taken by her two helpers. Besides her extensive bag collection, she collects branded shoes and accessories as well – all kept in her walk-in wardrobe so big that every girl would envy.

For rich people with plenty of money to spare, their spending can be justified by their allowance or even, income. Spending is not something that only the rich is guilty of, but most of us average Singaporeans as well. Be it an average Singaporean’s hobby in purchasing new tech products or sneakers, or these rich people’s hobby in collecting $8,000 shoes, at the end of the day, many of us are spending proportional to how much we can afford to. Before you start to criticize on their spendings, know that we are not that different from them after all.

Bags, shoes, travel or something else? What kind of lifestyle would you choose if you had as much access to money as them?


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