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PSA: Apple Music has a cheaper S$99 annual subscription plan

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The folks at Techcrunch have discovered a new annual subscription option for Apple Music that lets individual users save a couple of dollars.

Nestled underneath a stack of menus is a new S$99 annual subscription plan. But note that it is only applicable for individual users.

Right now, the monthly subscription for Apple Music for individual users is S$9.98. Therefore, this new annual subscription option would save individual users S$20.76 a year.

Unfortunately, getting to this new option is tedious because it is buried underneath lots of menus.

To opt for this new annual subscription option, head to the Music app on your iOS device and follow these steps: Go to the For You tab,  then Account (top right), click on View Apple ID, then Subscriptions, and finally Apple Music Membership. You should see the new S$99 annual subscription option.

Here’s a recap: Music app > For You > Account (top right) > View Apple ID > Subscriptions > Apple Music Membership.

Source: Techcrunch

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