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LONDON – The driver of the van that ploughed into worshippers near a London mosque in the early hours of Monday, injuring 10 people, two of them seriously, has been identified as a 47-year-old father of four who was born in Singapore, public records show, according to the Daily Mirror.

The newspaper identified him in its online report as Darren Osborne, who lives with his partner and four children in Cardiff, Wales, the paper reported former friends saying. He was grabbed at the scene by locals and pinned down until police arrived. The BBC later also named Obsorne as the alleged driver of the van. 

The man has not yet been named by police. He was held on suspicion of attempted murder which was later extended to preparing or instigating terrorism, including murder and attempted murder.

After being seized, he said he had wanted to kill “many Muslim people,” one witness told journalists.

The Mirror reported that Osborne grew up in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, but that public records reveal that he was born in Singapore in 1969.

A vehicle swerved into a group of mainly North and West African people shortly after midnight as they left prayers at the Muslim Welfare House and the nearby Finsbury Park Mosque in north London, one of the biggest in Britain, in what Prime Minister Theresa May said was a sickening, terrorist attack on Muslims.

The driver, a 47-year-old white man, was grabbed at the scene by locals and pinned down until police arrived.

A man, who had earlier suffered a heart attack, died at the scene but it was not clear if his death was connected to the van attack.

“This morning, our country woke to news of another terrorist attack on the streets of our capital city: the second this month and every bit as sickening as those which have come before,” May told reporters outside her Downing Street office. “This was an attack on Muslims near their place of worship,”said May who later visited the mosque.

The attack was the fourth since March in Britain and the third to involve a vehicle deliberately driven at pedestrians.

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