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With attitudes loosening around lounging around on second-hand furniture, stores like Hock Siong and Co are suddenly top-of-mind to score home goods at a steal. (No one at the sprawling Tai Seng store is actually named Hock Siong – the name was coined by the company’s old-school towkay.) Yet, floor manager Brillyn Toh and the shop’s sales team do a brilliant job of infusing their cheery personalities and good eye for products into Instagram and Facebook updates, which send customers flocking to the space.

In reality, though, the goods – tightly and neatly packed into three units – cover a wide range of styles, from vintage rosewood to mid-century to the downright opulent. ‘We always tell our customers, “We hope your imagination brings you great adventures,”‘ explains Toh, who encourages them to bring a little eclecticism into their lives. 

The products are hand-me-downs from hotels and show flats, furniture shops that have closed down, and the occasional beautifully appointed home. Prices range from $15 for a minimalist desk lamp to $3,000 for a 3-metre-tall plaster statue of Stamford Raffles, and the ‘tens of thousands’ for two bronze sculptures by Chinese artist Liu Ruo Wang. Oh, and make sure to bargain – the staff will happily knock down prices. Talk about retail therapy. 

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