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The D10 isn’t for the faint of heart. The intense competition pushes its athletic contestants to their ultimate physical limits. A favorite among the Wall Street crowd, its goal is to raise money to support pediatric cancer research — which this year was a massive success for the New York City chapter, raising over $8 million dollars.

This past weeked, those in New York from Goldman Sachs, RBC Capital Markets, JPMorgan, and many more came together to compete in the two-day event.

Below, 28 photos that show the intense 400-meter run, football throw, pull-ups, 40-yard dash, dips, 500-meter row, vertical jump, 20-yard shuttle, bench press, and 800-meter run competition.

On Saturday, teams of four came to compete against one another.

Rachael Chen, an analyst at JP Morgan was on team House Tyrell, which raised over $11,000.

Zach Rosen, of KeyBanc Capital Markets, was on team MHP1, which raised over $17,000.

Russ Cobb, president of Blackbaud Healthcare completed 16 reps of pull ups and helped raise funds with his team MHP1.

Andy Toussaint, an analyst Pimpco also completed 16 reps.

Brandon Felice of Deutsche Bank completed 38 reps of dips.

Teams also had to compete for time during the 500 meter row. Courtney Levering came in second at one minute, 35 seconds.

Keith Lawrence, a trainer at Tone House who helped train many of the athletes on the field that day, had a time one minute, 25 seconds.

On Sunday, the individual competitions took place. Here, Mark Rubin of ICAP runs the 400 meter. He is the past, five-time winning champion of the D10.

Caroline Farkas of RBC Capital Markets, came in first for the individual, women’s 400 meter run — with a time of one minute, two seconds.

Lisa D’Agostino, a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch raised over $5,000 for charities during the event.

After the run — competitors see how far they can throw a football.

Pull ups are next. Here, Kamar Saint-Louis of Citi Bank completed 17 reps.

Sloane Klonsky of Morgan Stanley completed 11.

A 40 yard dash comes next — here, Chris Henrich of RBC Capital Markets sprints.

Dips have to be done after the run. Laura Placentra completed 28 reps.

Kris Martin, an analysts at Morgan Stanley, competes in the 500 meter row next.

Naeem Muhammed is the top fundraiser on Wall Street — alone he raised over $44,000 dollars.

Even on the individual competition day, friends motivated each other to power through.

After rowing, competitors have to jump. Derek Gaul, of Northwestern Mutual, had a 36 inch high jump.

Next is the 20 yard shuttle.

The athletes caught some shade while waiting their turn.

After a bench press, and the final 800 meter run Mauricio Velasco yells in triumph — he placed fourth in the run at two minutes, 19 seconds.

After that, athletes cooled down…

…and ate some snacks…

…and took a rest in the sun.

Winners were awarded with trophies — here, the top three competing women: Katie Davis, Laura Placentra, and Kerry Ojeda pose.

For the men, Randy Giveans, Tom White, and Marc Ruben post with their medals.

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