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SINGAPORE – A maze installation comprising of 2,800 paper gerbera windmills and light bulbs was unveiled at a Kindness Day SG Appreciation Dinner on Friday (May 19).

The maze was launched in conjunction with Singapore Kindness Day and will remain outside the Singapore Sports Hub till June 30.

The yellow paper gerberas, which are a universal symbol for appreciation, were folded by a team of volunteers from the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM).

“We want visitors to walk in and be reminded that by doing a small bit of kindness, we can make big changes,” said Ms Michelle Tay, 31, the associate general secretary for partnerships at The Singapore Kindness Movement. She added that the windmills represented an individual act of kindness while the installation showed what could be achieved when you combine these acts.

Eleven “ground-up-movements”, such as the creators of The Singapore Kindness Run and Project Chulia Street – a drive that has helped 20,000 migrant workers so far by providing them with food and health-care – were honoured for their community work initiatives at the dinner.

For their efforts, they were inducted into the Kindred Spirit Circle which seeks to affirm individuals and groups dedicated to spreading kindness within their community.

“There is a great responsibility in being inducted. I feel committed to do more,” said Johnny Gan, the founder of Runner’s Heart Reach, which was one of the movements that were inducted at the dinner.

Runner’s Heart Reach aims at promoting considerate running. They recently organised the inaugural Kindness Run which aims to instil good running habits in runners.

“More people are aware of the kindness movement and the fact that kindness as a value is very important. In the end, it has to be the people’s movement. Which is why it is so important to get individuals to start their own movements in their communities,” said Dr William Wan, 70, general secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement.

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