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TomTom Touch Cardio officially launches in Singapore

TomTom officially launches the Touch Cardio wearable. It’s designed to help its users better understand their fitness, while it shares the same form factor as its predecessor.

Despite the similarities in its naming convention, it’s still different from the TomTom Touch we’ve reviewed. The newer TomTom Touch Cardio is a little more focused – it doesn’t come with the fat-tracking feature on its predecessor. Instead, the Touch Cardio focuses on heart-related fitness (hence the ‘cardio’ moniker) by looking at a combination of your fitness data.

The wearable does so by having a heart rate monitoring feature that measures your BPM at regular intervals throughout the day. It combines that data with your burnt calories. With that, it can better estimate your “true” intensity and effort. In a way, it quantifies your fitness level while it tracks other standard metrics, such as steps, sleep, active time, and more.

Of course, the wearable works with its proprietary TomTom Sports app. That’s where users can look at their sports and fitness data – it packs your typical social-sharing features that make it easy for your friends to help you stay accountable to your new regime.

The TomTom Touch Cardio has an official retail price of S$159. It’s already available on its official website. You can also find it at Challenger, Harvey Norman, Hachi.Tech, Lazada and other leading electronic and sports outlets from the end of May 2017. TomTom Touch Cardio will also be showing up at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Exhibition from 1st to 4th June 2017 at a special price of S$129.

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