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​Your child’s curiosity is growing, especially with the changes that is happening to their body. It is necessary to speak to your child about sexuality as it prevents them from engaging in early sexual activities. It is also important to educate them on the different protective measures for use at a later age.

Take pride and know that making the first move to speak to your child regarding sexuality only serves to protect them and better equip them for their future. Embark on one of parenthood’s most enriching experiences together with your child as they enter the next chapter of their life.​

Here’s how you can start​

Videos to help you along




​When is the best time to talk to my child? 

Curious from as young as 9 years old.

Your child is filled with questions. Are you ready with the answer? ​

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9 – 12 years old: 

Reaching puberty means more questions

​​Learn to deal with peer pressure and media influence​   

Help your child cope with puberty and self esteem​​

​13 – 17 years ol​d: 

The awkward years​​​

Relationships, dating and what comes after​

Nurturing self-esteem​

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