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SINGAPORE – Hai Sing Catholic School has taken “appropriate disciplinary measures” and carried out counselling after two of its secondary school students were shown in a fight in a video clip posted on line.

In the clip first published by citizen journalism site Stomp, a boy is shown raining punches on another, before getting him in a headlock on the ground.

The incident happened at the school canteen at about 3pm on Monday (April 17), Shin Min Daily News reported on Thursday (April 20).

The boy who was being beaten up reportedly called the police after the incident.

A spokesman for Hai Sing Catholic School told The Straits Times on Thursday (April 20) that the school ” has addressed the matter with appropriate disciplinary measures and counselled the students involved”.

“We have also been working with their parents to help our students learn from the incident,” said the spokesman.

“As the matter is currently under police investigation, we are unable to comment further.”

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