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FORT LAUDERDALE, United States: The score of a televised professional tennis match in Florida was love-15 when the apparent sounds of a woman in the throes of lovemaking interrupted it Tuesday (Apr 18) night.

The competition, at the Sarasota Open in Florida, briefly stalled after a woman could be heard shouting, “Oh, yes!” according to videos posted on YouTube.

One of the two bemused American players, Mitchell Krueger, whacked a tennis ball far out of bounds toward the source of the racket, which one TV commentator said came from a nearby apartment.

Another said it seemed to be coming from a phone. 

Spectators laughed along, particularly when the sounds grew even louder as player Frances Tiafoe readied a serve.

“It can’t be that good!” Tiafoe yelled toward the noise.

A woman spectator at that point jokingly urged a young boy to place his hands over his ears, the video showed.

“Well, at least somebody is having a good night,” the TV announcer said.

Tiafoe did, too, winning the game, set and match.

This is the second time in a month that a tennis match in Florida has been disrupted by animal instinct.

In March, a wild iguana somehow found its way onto an electronic scoreboard at the Miami Open, causing several minutes of mayhem. 

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