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“Hygge has been called everything from ‘the art of creating intimacy’, ‘cosiness of the soul’ and ‘cocoa by candlelight’, but its true essence lies in the pursuit of everyday happiness. It’s basically like a hug – just without the physical touch.

“I’ll give you an example: one December, I was spending the weekend with some friends at a cabin. The shortest day of the year was brightened by a blanket of snow. After hiking, we were all tired and half-asleep, sitting in a semicircle around the fireplace in a cabin, wearing big jumpers and woollen socks. The only sounds you could hear were the stew boiling, the sparks from the fireplace and someone having a sip of their mulled wine. Then one of my friends broke the silence. ‘Could this be any more hygge?’, he asked rhetorically. ‘Yes,’ one of the girls replied, ‘if there was a storm raging outside’.

“Hygge is about feeling safe and secure – you’ll know it when you feel it. It can also be cuddling up to a loved one on the sofa, or sharing comfort food with your closest friends.

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